Wheaton DUI Lawyer

Wheaton DUI Lawyer

Wheaton DUI lawyer Marilyn A. Miller is an experienced DUI lawyer. First, she presents the strongest drunk driving defense available under Illinois law given the circumstances of your DUI charge. In addition, she minimizes the damage to your driving privileges and criminal record.

Under Illinois law, each DUI conviction results in more severe DUI charges the next time.  Don’t get that first DUI conviction – present a strong DUI defense.  DUI defense lawyer Marilyn A. Miller defends people charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In conclusion, Illinois DUI law is complex.  When faced with felony or misdemeanor charges for DUI or Aggravated DUI in Wheaton, you need an experienced Wheaton DUI lawyer.  Therefore, please contact me by email or call 630-424-8816.

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